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February 28, 2024
# Business, Tips

How to Overcome the F&B Labour Crisis in Singapore

If you own a restaurant in Singapore, you know how hard it is to find and keep good staff. The F&B sector has been facing ...
February 27, 2024
# News

The Real Reason Behind SkillsFuture’s Toilet Cleaning Course and What It Means for Singapore’s Workforce

Has this ever happened to you? You rushed into a public toilet, found a cubicle, locked the door and when you saw the cubicle, you ...
January 24, 2024
# Business, Career Advice, Tips

What you need to know about Career Cushioning?

SME Bosses, here’s what you need to know about Career Cushioning.   Career cushioning is an informal term for the practice of lining up future ...
December 6, 2022
# Business

What does Progressive Wage Model (PWM) mean to businesses in Singapore?

Is Progressive Wage Model (PWM) same as minimum wage? Progressive Wage Model (PWM) is a wage structure that incorporates a career ladder, designed to link wages ...
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