Is Human Resource important for F&B startups: A Testament to Outsourced HR for F&B Startups

February 26, 2024

Is Human Resource important for F&B startups? Yes, we do more than just hire and pay employees.

In the competitive landscape of the food and beverage (F&B) industry, launching a successful outlet requires meticulous planning, seamless execution, and a dedicated team. Black Moon Food Pte Ltd, the owner of Xian Yu Gang 鲜鱼港, understood the importance of getting things right from the start. Recognizing the complexities of managing human resources in the F&B sector, they turned to David, an outsourced HRBP and HR services company, for expert guidance and support.


The Importance of Outsourced HR for F&B Startups

F&B startups often underestimate the significance of robust HR management. However, neglecting manpower matters can lead to high turnover rates, compliance issues, and operational inefficiencies. Without proper HR support, businesses risk facing legal challenges, disgruntled employees, and ultimately, failure to thrive in a highly competitive market.


How Day One Made a Difference for Xian Yu Gang


Manpower Planning:

One of the foremost challenges Black Moon Food faced was strategic manpower planning. Day One stepped in with meticulous workforce analysis and planning, ensuring optimal staffing levels to meet operational demands while minimizing overhead costs. Their expertise ensured that Xian Yu Gang had the right people to deliver exceptional service to its patrons.

Compensation & Benefits, Salary Structure:

Navigating the complexities of compensation and benefits in the F&B industry can be daunting. Day One provided tailored solutions for Black Moon Food, crafting competitive salary structures and comprehensive benefits packages to attract and retain competitive candidates. By aligning employee compensation with industry standards and business objectives, they ensured employee satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for Xian Yu Gang’s success.

Recruitment and Onboarding:

Recruiting skilled and dedicated staff is pivotal for any F&B establishment. Day One leveraged its extensive network and expertise to source, screen, and onboard candidates who embody Xian Yu Gang’s ethos and commitment to excellence. Their streamlined recruitment process ensured that Black Moon Food attracted top-tier talent, setting the stage for operational success from day one.

SFA Application, Public Entertainment License, Liquor License, Food Import & Export License:

Navigating the regulatory landscape of the F&B industry can be overwhelming. Day One assisted in acquiring essential licenses and permits, including SFA, Public Entertainment, Liquor, and Food Import & Export licenses, in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Their meticulous approach and industry knowledge expedited the licensing process, allowing Xian Yu Gang to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to its customers.

Operations Workflow Planning:

Efficient operations are the cornerstone of any successful F&B establishment. Day One optimised operational workflows, from kitchen management to customer service protocols. By implementing streamlined processes and systems, they enhanced efficiency, productivity, and overall service quality at Xian Yu Gang.


Managing payroll accurately and efficiently is essential for business sustainability. Day One’s comprehensive payroll services provided Black Moon Food with peace of mind, ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing while complying with regulatory requirements. Their expertise in payroll management alleviated administrative burdens, allowing Xian Yu Gang to focus on core business activities.


Investing in Professional HR Support Pays Off

At Day One, our comprehensive suite of services goes beyond conventional HR support. The success story of Xian Yu Gang serves as a compelling testament to the importance of outsourcing HR services for F&B startups. By partnering with Day One Pte Ltd, Black Moon Food Pte Ltd not only saved costs but also gained a confidence and agility. As F&B entrepreneurs continue to navigate the challenges of launching and running successful ventures, investing in professional HR support is not just a choice—it’s a strategic imperative for long-term success. 

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