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As a business owner, you always have problems to solve and various tasks competing for your attention. How do you stay on top of everything?

Day One is here to help. Our wide range of services effectively address any HR challenge you may be facing so you can effectively groom your team to support your business growth.

Employer Services
HR Advisory

At Day One, we understand HR inside-out and provide you with the best guidance for planning and executing on all human resource matters.

Manpower Planning

We help you optimize your man hours and maximise your profit margin.


We provide fuss-free and no-commission recruitment assistance.

Compensation & Benefits

Huge-basic-no-allowance package or small-basic-multiple-allowance package? Unsure what compensation package is most suitable for your team?

We help you figure it out.

Sales Commission and KPI

We ensure you’re paying your sales commissions correctly and show how you can better tier it with Key Performance Indicators.

Payroll Processing

We help to manage and process payroll, as well as other automated services related to HR.

Employee Grievance Management

Having policies and SOP in place to manage employee grievances is important. Don’t know where to start? We can help.

Performance Appraisal

We create an effective and thorough performance appraisal system to administer your annual performance reviews.

Employee Templates Starter Pack

Get all the documents you need to start hiring and manage your team.

Work Pass Applications

We provide work pass administrative services relating to Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Governmental Support Grant

We manage the administration of your grant applications.

IRAS & CPF Submission

We help you automate these submissions.

Governmental Leave Claim

We handle claims like foreign worker levy waiver and childcare leave reimbursement.

Permit & License Application

We provide assistance in matters relating to permits and licenses such as Public Entertainment, Liquor, Massage Establishment, SFA Licences, CaseTrust and more.

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